Tuesday, 2 July 2013

American Nazis: Tomphoughtons' strange bedfellows

"Let's keep a goodly part of the documentation of European Nazism over in the USA" urge dealers' lobbyists Peter Tompa and Arthur Houghton, supported by their metal detecting friends Dick and John (here too). I am sure distasteful individuals like New Jersey's Heath Campbell totally agree with them. The latter has just turned up in a court child custody hearing dressed in a pastiche pseudo-Nazi uniform. I'm not going to show the full photo (it'd be illegal in my country), so one of him puffing on a fag while wearing a "Der Fuhrer" armband will suffice to paint the picture of dugup antiquity traders' strange bedfellow (The real Fuhrer abhorred both cigarettes and those who smoked them). America may well want to hang on to key documents on Nazi history, the question is what man-in-the-street Americans gain from that?

Vignette: Der self-styled Fuhrer having a drag in his ill-fitting pastiche uniform (Daily Mail)

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