Saturday 29 November 2014

Egyptian court drops charges against Former President Mubarak

Lizzie Dearden, ' Mubarak trial: Egyptian court drops charges against ousted President', Independent Saturday 29 November 2014.
An Egyptian court has dropped all charges against overthrown President Hosni Mubarak in connection with the killing of 240 protesters during the 2011 Arab Spring. His former interior minister, Habib el-Adly, and six aides were also cleared of charges related to the deaths, during protests against the regime centred in Cairo's Tahrir Square. [...] Mubarak was also cleared of corruption charges related to gas exports to Israel, alongside a former oil ministers and further corruption charges against his sons, Alaa and Gamal, were also dropped.[...] Saturday's verdict concludes his retrial along with his two sons, his security chief and six top security commanders, who were all acquitted. Also on trial was businessman Hussein Salem, a longtime Mubarak friend tried in absentia, who was cleared.
While it is by no means the most pressing of Egypt's problems today, it is worth reminding folk that the events surrounding the incursion into the Cairo Museum on 28th January 2011 and the subsequent discovery that a number of items were missing (some still are) have never been properly investigated and no official report has appeared. One of the men acquitted today might have the answer to why that is.

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