Saturday 29 November 2014

IADAA: Syrian Conflict Antiquities "Very Unlikely"

The International Association of Dealers in Ancient Art issued a press release on October 21, 2014, suggesting that "the validity of the facts and figures presented in the suggestive broadcast “Das geplünderte Erbe” of the German trade in ancient art being involved in funding ISIS are extremely unlikely". The text of the document seems not to be on their website. So that's OK then, the no-questions-market innocently blunders along dealing with stuff from goodness-knows-where, while the Syrian Erbe is well-and-truly geplünderte, but no German dealer or collector need be in the least bit perturbed, because the dealers assure each other that it is "very unlikely" that any of the money is going to any but the nicest most docile cultural people in the global antiquities market (Source: No Evidence of Trade in Ancient Art Funding ISIS IADAA, Basel, November 25, 2014). 

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