Monday 17 November 2014

The Commercial Aspects of Treasure

The Institute of Art and Law is organizing a seminar in London on 1st December on the Commercial Aspects of Treasure.

The seminar will examine a range of issues relating to the law of treasure and finds, including the reward regime, developers' interests in discovered antiquities, the metal detecting industry, export licensing, intellectual property rights, human rights, commercial cross-border metal detecting excursions, public and private fund raising and the financial aspects (including Treasury constraints) of museum acquisition.
Let me guess. The NCMD will soon be announcing that they are withdrawing from taking part as they usually do, leaving the hobby unrepresented in this discussion of Treasure Awards.

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Anonymous said...

"commercial cross-border metal detecting excursions"

Is that where hundreds of French detectorists hop on the ferry to commit in England what's a crime in France? Or is where hundreds of middle aged Americans, corpulent in girth and brain, fly over, pay oodles, erode much and cause English detectorists to snigger about the unfeasible quantities of gold coins they sometimes unearth? I can't imagine what more than that can be said about it in an academic seminar.

As for NCMD being there, I don't see why they should be invited. Treasure rewards are because detectorists are unco-operative without them, not the reverse.

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