Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Metal Detectorist and Sayles Against Private Collecting?

EH? On Sayles' blog (where he blocks comments which do not correspond to his point of view), we hear that an artefact collector in the UK would win "more respect were he to donate his collection to the appropriate museum". Yet metal detectorists (Treasure hunters) almost to a man demand a high Treasure award before they follow suit. Then its not a "donation" it is a sale.  In any case, what has brought about this sea change, private collecting being criticised on the Sayles "Ancient Coin Collecting" blog? Involving the loose cannon BFFs metal detectorists in the discussion certainly leads to some thought-provoking results.


kyri said...

come on paul ,thats not fair,the PAS said %5 of people waived their right to financial reward so there are at least 1 or 2 metal detectorist out there[out of the estimated 8/10,000] that really do love their history and are not just treasure hunting.

Paul Barford said...

Five percent who do would be 95% who don't, ever.

Treasure awards are discretionary, let the government try to waive a random "5%" and see what happens.

In that percentage there are no landowners? What do you think?

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