Tuesday 25 November 2014

Rome Lawyer's Antiques Collection Seized

On Tuesday, Italian priests raided a civil lawyer's home in Grottarossa on the northern outskirts of Rome. Inside they found and seized archaeological and cultural artefacts:
"The material, dating from ancient Etruscan times to the Baroque period, came from at least 24 separate thefts carried out across the regions of Lazio, Umbria, the Marches, Abruzzo and Tuscany over the course of years, police said. The booty included marble slabs, murals, paintings, bibles, crucifixes, tapestries, statues and artefacts stolen from archaeological excavations and burial sites. Investigators claim the lawyer, 60, knew the items were stolen as newspaper clippings and photographs pertaining to the thefts were also found at his home [...] . The man faces charges of possessing stolen goods.
There are few other details known at present whether all of the material taken was reported as stolen, or whether some were later found to be legitimate purchases of antiques.

Source: 'Stolen artefacts seized from lawyer in Rome',  ANSA 25 November 2014

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