Thursday 20 November 2014

Red Arch Cultural Heritage Law and Policy Partners

There have been a number of new US non-profit organizations set up framed around cultural heritage issues. Now there is a new one. Red Arch Cultural Heritage Law and Policy Partners is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose purpose is to apply first-class research, analysis, and professional judgement to cultural heritage law and policy problems that will assist U.S. policymakers, legal counsel, museum professionals, archaeologists, art and antiquities dealers, auction houses, conservators and restorers, and other cultural heritage professionals.
Our aims are to spark informed conversations about the stewardship of America’s and the world’s heritage; to identify and foster shared values that unify cultural property stakeholders; and to turn conversations about preserving humanity’s culture into solutions. We expect that our applied research, academic teaching, professional training, and sponsored cultural performances will focus on: Antiquities trafficking and archaeological site looting, Provenance research methods, Museum acquisitions and deaccessions, Cultural institutions threat recognition and management, Cultural objects in the marketplace, Repatriation claims for cultural property, Wartime looting and vandalism of cultural heritage,  Intangible heritage preservation
The website links to the excellent and informative Cultural Heritage Lawyer Blog the premier go-to site for informed and balanced commentary and observations on US-related cultural property legal matters.

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