Tuesday 18 November 2014

Islamic State Antiquities Trade Stretches To Europe, United States

Disappointingly, this text mostly repeats what's in other articles on the same subject. It unequivocally expresses the idea that the collectors buying the stuff are co-authors of this tragedy:
ISIS’ illicit antiquities trade was been a lucrative source of revenue for the group, aided by a growing black market of willing buyers who allow items as big as statues and as small as cylinder seals to make their way from the ground in Iraq and Syria to auction houses and museums in Asia, Europe and the United States [...] “There’s always going to be those people who don’t care where an object came from, they just want it.”

Kathleen Caulderwood, 'Islamic State Antiquities Trade Stretches To Europe, United States', International Business Times, November 17 2014

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