Saturday, 29 November 2014

Near Eastern Archaeologists According to Houghton: "Lickspittle Apologists"

Houghton: "Lickspittle"
Arthur Houghton III insults US and other archaeologists who do research in Syria, suggesting that they may be referred to as "lickspittle apologists for the Asad regime because they cravenly hope not to have "business as usual" - their excavation permits - held hostage". Apparently he used to be a US diplomat. Perhaps it is worth him noting that an excavation permit is generally issued for a team, not its individual members.

Comments recently published in the same source go even further in vulgarity, referring to academic collaboration as being "involved in what some people might regard as an unnatural act". It seems the no-questions-asked collectors of dugup Middle Eastern antiquities are alienating themselves from the discussion because events have overtaken them and their nineteenth century mentalities and they have run out of real arguments. They therefore are increasingly relying on verbal trickery, nastiness, provocation and insult. Let us see how much public support this will gain the dealers' associations in the long run. 


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