Wednesday 19 November 2014

Yemen Smuggling Attempt Thwarted

Yemeni customs and security services have seized three suitcases of copper vessels inscribed with Islamic texts at Aden International Airport in the possession of a smuggler intending to travel to Turkey. The vessels included censers, plates, traditional lamps and the cases also contained silver rings. On Feb. 25, 2014 A British man faced trial in Yemen for attempting to smuggle artefacts out of the country which he said he had thought they were "merely Bedouin souvenirs". The financial manager was arrested in January when the objects were found in his suitcase as he prepared to fly to Mexico on holiday. Over the past seven years, around 1,500 antiques—including coins, and pre-Islamic stone carvings—have been confiscated at Sana’a International Airport. Yemen's unstable security and economic situation over the past two years has led to an increase in the black market for antique relics.

'Yemen police detects 3 suitcases of Antiquities before smuggling', Yemen Fox 18th November 2014.

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