Wednesday 26 November 2014

San Diego Misunderstanding

A propos nothing, one Geoffrey Smith appended a most curious comment to Jason Felch's text "Danti's Inference" on the Chasing Aphrodite Blog (November 26, 2014 at 10:43 am ) under a comment by Wayne Sayles (as if he'd know anything about it):
What has happened to the artifact erosion center?
I presume he means the Artefact (note the spelling) Erosion Counter.  Basically, it has continued to tick away registering selfish hoikery day after day while the snide comments pile up. I cannot for the life of me think why it is of interest to a collector in San Diego, can you?

This is the same "Dr Geoffrey A Smith, Trustee, Museum of Man, San Diego, California" who commented earlier on Professor Danti (
He chooses to be a political activist … Academic with an agenda… And Is a poor excuse for a instructor. With his loss of credibility his effectiveness as a teacher is gone.
Nice, eh? Smith was a particularly irritating trumpeter for the antiqui-dealers on the yahoo Ancient Artefacts scrum. Probably still is.

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