Thursday 27 November 2014

Dealers Again: "No Evidence of Trade in Ancient Artefacts Funding ISIS" (3)

Syria and Europe (Wikipedia)
The International Association of Dealers in Ancient Art in their attempt to wash away any suspicion that the no-questions-asked trade in dugup antiquities is in any way causing harm in Syria have produced their "proof" that it is all made-up lies and conspiracy against collectors ('No Evidence of Trade in Ancient Art Funding ISIS' Basel, November 25, 2014). This text ends with what the dealers say should be done.
The International Association of Dealers in Ancient Art says that when it comes to looting of archaeological sites in Syria:
"The only way to effectively implement the Protection of Cultural Property is [not regulation of the antiquities market but] the protection of archeological sites in situ, as outlined in the UNESCO Convention 1970, (article 4) to ensure that the human heritage is preserved for future generations.
Well, I am sure that now the IADAA have "proven" that no ISIL militants stand behind the looting, we'll have loads of collectors "passionately interested in the past" who'll be volunteering to go over there with truncheons, hard hats and handcuffs and help those who are currently finding that job a little difficult and scary in some parts of Syria. And, by the way, the IADAA who a few days ago were castigating German journalists for allegedly getting the details of law wrong, might like to look again at Article "4" of the Convention. I think they've got the wrong Convention (and the wrong organization).* Last time we all looked, whatever the dealers' lobbyists think, Syria was not in Europe.

* European Convention on the Protection of the Archaeological Heritage (Revised) Valetta, 16.I.1992

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