Thursday, 1 January 2015

Some Postulated UK Conservation Resolutions

This morning Heritage Action published "12 New Year Conservation Resolutions" they'd like to see. Four are relevant to the topic of this blog: 
4. Portable Antiquities Scheme:
“We’ll simply tell the truth to artefact hunters, farmers and the public”.
6. Landowners:
Like with sheep and spuds, we’ll let nothing off our farms without us seeing it (and knowing its value).
7. Landowners:We’ll keep in mind every archaeological find needs reporting (whatever any non-archaeologist says).”
12. Archaeologists:
“We’ll fret less about community archaeology and more about the community’s archaeology”

Interestingly, they did not deem it much point suggesting what artefact hunters might offer as their resolutions for 2015. 

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