Thursday, 11 October 2018

All Cleaned up, Collection-Driven Exploitation of the UK's Early Medieval Heritage

"Brilliant couple of hours out"

While William Kennedy thinks this is a "very nice find", Rich Hikins says "Really annoys me, so many people are detecting for the wrong reasons [emoticon]". It would be interesting what Mr Hikins thinks the majority of the (probably) 27000 metal detectorists in the UK actually do go out in the muddy fields for if it is not in the hope of hoiking some "nice finds" like this out of the ground willy-nilly and into their pockets.

As for the guy who admonishes:
Do hope the guy who appears to have found a Anglo Saxon burial gets in touch with his FLO very soon. Please please please let your local FLO know,
is that for real, or is it for defensive show when something like this appears online raising questions about the long-term archaeological effects of the activities of these hobbyists?

Is it intended to provoke the thought among the archaeological supporters of the PAS-approach and the many fence-sitting jobsworths: "oh it's probably all OK, there are some 'responsible' guys in among those 27000"?

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