Friday, 12 October 2018

More Stereotypical Thinking on Metal Detector Use, This Time From Holland

Unhelpful stereotypes
Here we go again: Jef van der Schriek & Max van der Schriek 'Metal Detecting: Friend or Foe of Conflict Archaeology? Investigation, Preservation and Destruction on WWII sites in the Netherlands', Journal of Community Archaeology & Heritage, 1:3, 228-244,
[...] Metal detecting is a hobby that has traditionally been vilified by many archaeologists as an uncontrollable threat to the proper study of the past. This paper will discuss whether an effective cooperation is possible between archaeologists and metal detectorists concerning this fragile heritage.
Is that the hobby conventionally referred to as "Metal Detecting" (= artefact hunting/ collection-driven exploitation of the archaeological resource) OR "metal detector use"? These are two different things, we really need more precise terminology, otherwise rational discussion is severely hampered.

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