Monday, 8 October 2018

Time's Up For Bellingham Finders

It's the 8th October. The 14 days allowed by the Treasure Act section 8 for reporting any coin removed by finders from the vicinity of the #BellinghamHoard are now up. According to the law, the information has to be reported to the Coroner for the district in which the object was found. The FLO was optimistic that the finds could all be gathered in for handing over and reporting to the Coroner, how well has the Treasure Process progressed in this case? Can we have some transparency please, since the PAS have assured us everything is under control now? Is it? Will we see another attempt to cover up like in the case of the Twinstead Hoard fiasco?  Whose purposes did that serve?

Vignette: Who was putting what into their pocket at Bellingham, and how will we know if what was not properly recorded being taken out of the ground 14 days ago has in fact been reported?

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