Friday, 26 October 2018

Further on the MOB's Dodgy Dead Sea Scrolls

Further on the Dodgy Dead Sea Scrolls:
Daniel Burke @BurkeCNN
 professor at a Baptist seminary told me he now thinks that three of their Dead Sea Scroll fragments may be fake; others say they need to do more tests. Lots of money at stake here. 
Joel Baden @JoelBaden comments: 
Literally everyone who purchased a scrolls fragment in the last twenty years is now fooling themselves if they continue to maintain even the “further testing is necessary” line. / In part because it continues the myth that “testing” by some German lab is going to be the final word. / And more because it’s yet another way of covering the fact that unprovenanced artifacts were purchased by buyers blinded by the possibility of owning a piece of the Bible’s history./ And because it puts off the culpability that individuals and institutions, collectors *and scholars* have for propping up the market in unprovenanced and forged antiquities. /  Whatever money any of them stand to lose is far less than what their irresponsible behavior has cost. 

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