Friday, 12 October 2018

'Metal detecting: how much can you make?'

Is it lucrative? While some
do it for the love of the craft
 others have made lucrative gains 

Treasure hunting in the UK is governed by the Treasure Act 1996 (The Week, 'Metal detecting: how much can you make? ', Jul 20, 2018).
The hobby of metal detecting hasn’t always had the best reputation, thanks in part to shows like The Detectorists that depict enthusiasts as social misfits. But joining detectorists to uncover hidden treasure “could mean potentially profiting from long summer days”, says The Guardian. Here’s what you need to know: [...]  If you're serious about unearthing something of value, research a site first. [...]  any apparently unremarkable field could quite easily be hiding a metaphorical goldmine.

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