Thursday, 11 October 2018

It's Not Just Metal Detectors

It's not just metal detectors, collection-driven exploitation of the archaeological record can take many forms. Here is a (closed) FB page devoted to: 'ancient pottery sherds found uk' [capitalisation as in original]
hear (sic) you can show your ancient pottery shards (sic) that you have found in the uk. or ask for help in identifying them. please only pottery found in the UK and nothing post medieval.
170 members Administrator: Robert Mee, created 11th July 2018
This prejudice is interesting. Arfefact hunting is usually presented by its supporters as ordinary citizens trying to learn about the 'history' of the places they live in - and the post-medieval artefactual material in the fields (as well as old maps, iconographic material and documents from the period)  are not only an integral part of the history, but precisely the element that links the distant past with the lived-in present. 

Post Medieval pottery is discussed by other artefact hunters such as Julia (Mudlarking on the Thames, London) and 'Shane (Thames Mudlarking: CatalogueThames Mudlarking: Finds and Thoughts)

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