Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Comment on your Museum's Presentation

I assume these smug comment cards (found on Twitter) are produced for museum trips by schools and colleges, they could be slightly more polite and less curt, but the idea is good. I'd have liked to see a space for the name, group represented and date because then, preserved in the museum archives they could give future scholars of museology a cross section of viewer reactions to the exhibits and the way they are presented. There is no space for 'lacks proper presentation of licit provenance/collecting history'.

It would be fun for a group of opinionated folk to go through the BM with some of these cards. I wonder what the results would be? And what about MOB?

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David Knell said...

To be honest, I'd rather find a museum label that was "Totally Impenetrable" than the dumb-downed aimed-at-five-year-olds rubbish that passes for a label in many museums.

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