Sunday, 14 October 2018

Digging Up Upton

Tattooed men take your past and tekkies' money
On the Upton Parish Noticeboard, Paul Howard (of Let's Go Digging inc.) has posted this:
EARN BETWEEN £200 AND £1000 CASH per day Metal detecting club looking for land to search for a 1 day visit for my club . I pay £10 cash for each member who attends and we are looking for cultivated / Ploughed / Drilled / pasture fields. If you have between 30 and 50 acres we do midweek smaller events where we bring between 10 and 40 members If you have between 50 and 100 acres you can earn from £400 to £1000 cash a day for a visit on a Saturday or Sunday. We will travel anywhere nationwide but the land must be free of any green waste tipping and also MUST be undetected by any group in the past. The better your area for history the better for members being interested. They keep all finds and record any treasure trove items to British museum . Fully insured club Any find if found valued at £500 gets split 50/50 between land owner and the finder . We can’t do SSI Land or any land that is scheduled .
The annual membership to LGD is £20.00 and participation in each rally costs £15.00. Note, only "Treasure Trove" (sic) will be reported...


Hougenai said...

Conspicuous in it's absence; 'We do not do SSI land or any land that is scheduled' -so where are the references to land in 'Stewardship' and the restrictions imposed in 'agreements' (Defra have changed the requirements several times since the scheme originated and there is no single set of conditions that covers detecting, it is dependent on when the agreement was signed). One condition is maintained throughout ie reporting finds to PAS (NB there is no distinction made and 'finds' lacks definition, in which case the language must speak for itself and 'finds' means 'anything found during the process)
Farmers may not be so happy to learn that by allowing detectorists on their land they are basically devolving compliance and could lose their agreement worth a lot more than £1000 (nominally £35ha pa for 10 years) should finders not actively declare.

Paul Barford said...

Obviously, somebody should be telling landowners this and making sure artefact hunters are fully (and universally) aware of their responsibilities. Merely sticking a few words on it on a website somewhere is not proper 'outreach' in anyone's books.

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