Thursday, 11 October 2018

I wonder who that's for?

RESCUE have just posted their policies update on their Facebook page. Just under it is this:
Chris Cumberpatch Administrator ·2 godz.  
RESCUE welcomes all relevant contributions to this page but we ask contributors to consider the following statement by the RESCUE Committee when posting comments:
"Archaeology and heritage are very powerful parts of society, and have a strong influence on people’s identity, values and judgement. There are many contested and disputed areas of archaeology, which RESCUE believes should be openly and transparently discussed and debated. RESCUE welcomes these discussions online and occasionally highlights topics that continue to be unresolved and heavily disputed. During these dialogues, it is asked that those posting refrain from harassment, intimidation or threat when these discussions are taking place within our platforms. RESCUE’s policy statements outline what we as a registered charity support and campaign towards. Any other areas which are discussed on RESCUE’s platforms should not be seen as representing our official position nor seen as an endorsement."
Could they be expecting some comments from the "Only in it fer th' 'istry' mob and their claquers? The final comment might be an answer to a trolling FLO supporting his metal detecting mates.

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