Thursday, 18 October 2018

Transparency/ Accountability and The Kiss of Death for Discussion of Best Practice in UK Metal Detecting

re: Bardney Area Siliqua Hoard Forum Thread Censored by Facadists (below)

Well, "what a surprise", now if you click on the links I gave in my discussion of current ideas of artefact hunting best practice in a Lincolnshire field (the recovery of the 'Bardney Area' hoard) to the posts on a metal detecting forum near you I quote in order to justify what I had written (and why), they've all been disappeared - even the ones urging the artefact hunters busily emptying the site to exercise best practice... Who would'a thunk it eh? All those responsible detectorists not wanting us to see how actually 'responsible' they are? Now, why would that be Mr Rix? 

He was complaining the other day that one of his members had posted a link to the Portable Antiquities Collecting and Heritage Issues blog on the forum, which gave me 'publicity', I post lots of links on my blog that, by the same token, gives his niche forum a lot of publicity - people go over to look at what interesting topics they are talking about there.  I wonder why M.Rix does not think that people looking at his forum and thinking about what they find there is actually good publicity for his forum and hobby? Stupid defensive people protecting their 'rights' to clandestinely empty the archaeological record into their pockets. Shame on them. Shame on those that support this.

 And this is where the PAS "storytelling" gets us.

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