Thursday 20 September 2012

Nice Rectangular Papyrus Bits on Sale

It strikes me if one looks on the Internet, you can probably find quite a lot of papyri divided up into nice rectangular pieces ready for framing like the Harvard Jesus' Wife Fragment. Here's a tastefully framed example from a well-known New York gallery.

And to the left an unframed example, but notable for its regular shape and the very cursive writing.

 If you are interested in buying such items, here's the address. Sadigh Gallery Ancient Art Inc. 303 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1603, New York, NY. 10016 US. Maybe he can find another Jesus' wife papyrus for a private collector. All items come with a guarantee of authenticity, maybe Professor King's collector should have come shopping here.

Photos: Copyright 2012 Sadigh Gallery Ancient Art Inc..


kyri said...

paul,as you know,sadigh gallery is a well known fake seller,selling modern reproductions with missleading descriptions,where buyers believe they are buying the real thing.i hope none of your readers are tempted to buy this rubbish because of your post.

Paul Barford said...

Hi, actually that was the point I was making about this scrap of papyrus. It looks almost like a Sadigh piece. (You have to admire the guy's style.)

Anyone tempted to buy ANYTHING from anybody mentioned on this blog is, I fear, missing the point of what I am saying. But that is their problem more than mine.

Paul Barford said...

And they do of course, I have loads of searches a week where people are seeing which dealers are mentioned here, my guess if if I imply somebody is somewhat the wrong side of "dodgy dealing", then that "guarantees" that I believe they sell real looted stuff. For what that is worth, as that is just a subjective opinion.

That this is a collectors' obsession is suggested by the number of times a week I find people are searching in a similar manner, but with a search term like this: "[dealers name] fake". But then that does not take into account that some dealers sell what I think is real and fake mixed in (deliberately or unknowingly), so that gets complicated. Also of course what is and what is not a fake is also just my subjective opinion, though guided by a certain amount of experience, though nobody is infallible.

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