Thursday 13 September 2012

Focus on Metal Detecting in UK: English Heritage up for grabs

Today is the beginning of the fourth Polish Metal Detecting Rally in Britain organized by the Polish metal detecting club PHEC Thesaurus who are expecting to be legally able to find and take away lots of "fanty" from the English archaeological record from right under the noses of British archaeologists in the fields near Luton. Among the ninety participants will be metal detector owning pals from Poland who they've invited along (Poszukiwania bez granic). English heritage up for grabs.

These guests in Britain have already decided how they will split the cash resulting from the British public having to buy from them (in the form of a Treasure "reward") anything valuable which they may discover. PHEC Thesaurus club member member "Lokis" from Tczew in Pomerania defines it (2012-09-07, 21:54) thus:
Wartość do 10tyś funtów dzielona na znalazcę(5tyś) i właściciela gruntu(5tyś) Powyżej tej kwoty np wartoći 100 tyś funtów znalazca(5tyś) właściciel gruntu(50tyś) reszta 45tyś na wszystkich członków zlotu, łącznie z znalazcą. [Value up to 10 thousand pounds divided between the finder (5 thousand) and landowner (5 thousand). Above that value, for example of value 100 thousand pounds, the finder (5 thousand) landowner (50 thousand) the remaining 45 thousand divided between all members of the rally, together with the finder]. 
Apparently the organizers (who presumably will also get a 'share') have persuaded participants that this is how it is "always" done on commercial rallies in England and Wales. Hmmm.  One wonders whether this will mean finders of more valuable items simply not reporting them to the rally organizers. So, if the finder of more valuable items is content with just over five thousand quid, why is the public purse being required by these people to fork out shares for all his fellow guests? Where do they imagine the money is coming from? How about them all waiving their share of the 'reward' so a British museum can acquire a significant piece of the British archaeological heritage from these foreign guests at reduced or no cost to the British public?

This year too will the PAS be on hand to make sure this exploitive metal detecting holiday is a success and has the air of respectability?

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