Friday 14 September 2012

Focus on UK Detecting: "Standards" Site Seeking Opinion on the Glasgow Fourth

Artefact-hunter Howland has a few scathing words ('The man with No Name is back', Sept 13th) about the "Glasgow Fourth" definition of "nighthawking". He urges detectorists to seek some opinions on it and those who write on it:
What I suggest is that you print off a copy of the piece and take it to your local FLO/Friendly Neighbourhood Arkie. Ask for their comments and if they will  stand by them in public. I’ll print attributable replies.
Attributed ones only? Yes, please do. Please. Why not try asking the CBA, English Heritage (to whom the open letter which is the subject of Mr Howland's ire was originally addressed) and not forgetting the nice men in the IFA? Not forgetting either the Bloomsbury "Troll"-bashers at the BM. I think we'd all like to have their comments on the 'Glasgow Fourth' in black and white. I'm sure these people will be made aware of the fact that their opinion is going to be cited on the John Howland/Dick Stout anti-archaeology blog though (it would be dishonest if this was kept from them). Why not also ask the nice criminologist chappies and ladies at Glasgow ("Trafficking Culture") if they stand by their definition?   So, how long is it going to take Mr Howland to get these attributed comments from detectorist-friendly up? In time for the next Portable Antiquities Scheme conference? How many can he get in a fortnight?

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