Sunday 16 September 2012

Polish Metal Detectorists on State Business?

A feature I find puzzling is the flag which the Polish metal detectorists hoovering part of the British archaeological record for collectables chose to fly over their campsite (apart from the fact that it is smaller than their own club flag). Those of them who made it all the way through Polish school will know that there are two flags belonging to the Republic of Poland. The first is the "flaga państwowa Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej" two horizontal bands of red over white. The second, as defined in the Ustawa o godle, barwach i hymnie Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej oraz o pieczęciach państwowych of 1980 with subsequent amendments, is the "flaga państwowa z godłem Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej". This one has the coat of arms of the state in the upper field. The latter can only be flown by certain institutions and in certain circumstances (which are defined by law). Since the campsite where this flag is, as I write, being displayed is not an airport or seaport or anything connected with them, one can only assume that its flying at this rally indicates that among the metal detectorists gathered below it were one or more representatives of Polish official offices and missions abroad (such as one of the Polish ambassadors or consuls).

So, which one of these shaven-headed collectors of relics of the British past is the Consul then? (Photo (c) Heritage Action)

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