Thursday 20 September 2012

A Different Way: The Polish Archaeological Record

PAS FLO for Hertfordshire Julian Watters defends the PAS database as a source of information on the distribution and nature of archaeological sites. There are other approaches to the problem of finding archaeological sites and documenting their nature, extent and information potential from surface evidence, like the Polish AZP. There is a presentation of this in English (it seems to be lacking its figures). While there are certainly problems with the AZP, it seems to me to be far superior to the 'hit-and-miss' methodology adopted in England and (for the moment) Wales. I cannot lay my hands on the reports that lurk in a dark corner of my library, but can assure Mr Watters that the number of sites with Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and neolithic flintwork found by this fieldwork is going to be a far better representation of settlement patterns than the 'data' of this type that he has been collecting.

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