Thursday 13 September 2012

Focus on Metal Detecting in the UK: A Year Ago

Luton Today Wednesday 21 September 2011:
Historical group strike gold in Luton
A RARE Roman coin was among hundreds of historical artefacts dug up by a Polish historical society in Luton earlier this month. Members of the Polish Historical Exploration Club Thesaurus struck gold while digging for archeological treasure in a farmer’s field on the outskirts of Luton.  Igor Murawski, chairman of Thesaurus, said: ““It is really amazing and a great privilege to be able to connect with history like that. “We chose to come to Luton because of its rich past. “The fields around the town are very promising with lots of Roman and Celtic history. “It looks as though we made the right choice coming here.”

"Right choice" is a relative concept of course. In the l,ight of the fact that of these "hundreds of historical artefacts" only 47 made it into the PAS records, it could well be regarded as yet another of those archaeological tragedies engended by current policies (I use the term loosely) on artefact hunting and collecting in the UK.

Comments under the original news article in the past year: zero.

Mr Murawski is apparently a translator of things like Sven Hassel books.

Photo: Historical "fanty" from British soil. Where are they all now?

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