Monday 10 September 2012

Rethinking the Treasure Act

Two years ago there was much optimism that there would be a "rethinking of the Treasure Act" as the "legacy of the Crosby Garrett helmet find" (see here for example, and Mark D'Arcy's blog, "Renfrew victorious"). Looting Matters was also sure that, this time, it might happen. Art Daily was writing of it... and since then there has been a lot happening. A lot of nothing very much it seems. What does it take to wake Britain out of its complacency over the erosion of the archaeological record and the loss of so much information and material?

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kyri said...

maybe if someone dug up a coppy of the magna carta and sold it on ebay there might be some rumblings from the political elite,but i wouldnt bet on it.
ed vaizey[our culture minister]said about the fiasco
"one cant stop private buyers buying[or selling]private property,i wouldnt like to see the sector over-regulated"
this from a guy that claimd 8p expenses for a 350 yard car journey[if you dont believe me google it]
this government and past ones are all for big business and free trade,our archaeological heritage comes way down on the list,especially if it is going to stop some wealthy people buying and selling antiquities.a guy that has the gall to claim 8p expenses is not going to push for a change in the treasure act.

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