Wednesday 19 September 2012

New Reputable Dealer Appears on the Ethical Ancient Coin Portal

I got a notification from V-coins which informed subscribers that there is a "new" dealer appearing on the service  (153 Ancient Dealers, 97,647 Items, Value $21,271,645 ). They invite subscribers to join them in giving "a warm welcome to the new store of Nomos AG". Members are reminded (as if there was any need) who they are:
The well known auction house, located in Zurich, is already serving a wide spectrum of private and institutional clients. Since its re-foundation, Nomos AG has specialized in rare and beautiful ancient, medieval and early modern coins and medals, presented in its price lists, at auction, or by direct sale; it is a matter of pride that a number of major institutional clients, in Europe and the United States, have acquired important items for their collections from Nomos AG.  
 I seem to recall that a while ago, V-coins was priding itself on the strict enforcement of a Code of Ethics, guaranteeing that the portal would not host dealers who were in breach of it. I seem to recall that said code of ethics said something about offering coins of less-than-crystal-clear legality (or words to that effect), and guaranteed authenticity. It is good to see the Swiss firm agreeing to be bound by such a Code of Ethics. Nomos has another claim to attention, in contrast to all the moaning and muttering about such things being allegedly "impossible" and "unconstitutional", Nomos is happy to provide the slip of paper which is all that is needed under the  much-detested (by coineys) CCPIA to bring a freshly-imported coin into the USA:
Nomos AG will provide appropriate documentation to assist with the importation of any purchased lots into the USA. 
Well, if Nomos can do it without grumbling, what on earth are all the others kicking up a fuss about?  Why the ACCG lawsuits and all the unpleasantness associated with them?

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