Monday 24 September 2012

Focus on UK Metal Detecting: Empty Vessels

Readers may remember the claim, attributed to David Wood of the Federation of Independent Detectorists:
 "David Wood, the Federation of Independent Detectorists' PRO is always good for a statistic or three and he fails to disappoint yet again. For example, 650,000 metal detectors have been sold in Britain ..." 
 I wrote to the Public Relations Officer of the FID on 18th September asking for further details, what period did the FID have in mind, and where this quote comes from. I also asked perfectly civilly for information on what basis this was figure reached. I asked whether the FID had been correctly quoted and whether it stood behind these figures as the number seems rather high for the UK.

I am placing on record that so far there has been neither acknowledgement of receipt from the Public relations Office of the FID, let alone a reply to that enquiry. It would seem the FID is unwilling to discuss that figure still less back it up with any evidence.

If the figure is a reliable one, it has some quite considerable significance (see here and here) for assessing the rate of "success" the PAS has been achieving in its fifteen years and fifteen million quid existence.

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