Thursday 20 September 2012

PAS seeks Ban on Composting

There are several thousand archaeologists in the UK, so which small subset are promoting the "Ban 'Green' Waste being dumped on the Countryside" petition? This is being circulated from the PAS:
most of us at PAS are worried about the rubbish which is being dumped in our fields and we support this petition. If you haven't done so already can you please spare a minute to sign it?
And why are "most of us at the PAS" for banning composting?  If the concern is with contamination, why is the PAS not for cleaning up Green Waste rather than banning it outright? Probably because their "partners" do not like it because it gets in the way of their artefact collecting. I'd say the PAS should be for anything which puts people off plundering the collectables from archaeological sites.

Vignette: How many anti-greens work for the PAS?  Does the organization have an environmental policy? 

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