Sunday 23 September 2012

Weiss Responsible Collecting Article online

The Chasing Aphrodite bloggers have commented on Weiss's court-imposed article on responsible collecting of ancient coins. They say: "The situation recalls a scolded student being forced to write a half-hearted apology on the chalkboard. But Weiss’ essay is worth reading for what it reveals about the trade in ancient coins". I would add (as discussed by me here and here) what it does not say about the topic. As a service to the numismatic community who for some reason might have problems with a text on paper, they have published Weiss's text online as a Scribd document. Now there is no excuse for coineys not discussing it. The blog's author comments on Weiss's hoard-oriented 'guidelines':  
This is a decent checklist for all antiquities collectors to obey. But what is perhaps most remarkable is that in 2012 this needs to be explained to coin collectors. One is left to wonder whether the problem with the market today is really ignorance of the laws or merely a stubborn unwillingness to obey them [...] Ultimately, the success of Weiss’ statement and the ANS’s new policy at changing the culture of American coin collectors will be measured by the time. If criminal cases continue to reveal collectors buying unprovenanced coins like those Weiss warned against, we’ll know that ignorance was never the problem with the market in ancient coins.

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