Monday 17 September 2012

Taking the Debate Beyond Brandenburg


Most of the time I've been doing this blogging, whether I am discussing metal detecting, the no-questions-asked-antiquities trade, looting in Iraq, Egypt, Syria or Cambodia, there have been a cluster of dots on just one side of the European part of the "where-readers-are" map. A rash in the UK, a scatter across France, the low Countries, Germany, a few constant readers in Switzerland, occasionally in Czech, and down into Italy, Greece, Turkey and Spain. On the whole the Scandinavians (and Irish) could not give a tinkers, and the same goes for anything east of Brandenburg. Poland, Belarus, Ukraine are almost always a blank. Obviously this blog discusses things that over in the eastern parts of Europe they are not interested reading about (at least not in English). In part this is because I quite deliberately do not discuss the day-to-day goings on in Poland, not all of it anyway am I at liberty to discuss.

Anyhow, the map this morning looks a bit different, the central part of Europe is filling up with increasing numbers of little red and white flags. This is because a group of Poles blithely went over to Britain to hunt for some artefacts from the archaeological record of that country, and (since I am not a member of their forum so I could discuss it with them there), I shared my views on this here. It seems though that Polish metal detectorists were interested in what I had to say about this exploit after all.

I note that my tracking software indicates that not a single one of the several dozen Polish folk who have read this blog since early this morning has made use of a computer translator to do so. The inference from this is that the previous lack of interest in "Portable Antiquities Collecting and Heritage Issues" east of Brandenburg has not been because of the language barrier. It is satisfying to see that some of them have been taking an interest in some of the other posts not just those concerning the Offley Rally.

But, do the dots on this map indicate where archaeological finds and historical relics recently taken out of the soil of southern England will be ending up?

Witam Panowie. 

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