Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Polish Metal Detecting Rally in Britain

Metal detecting club PHEC Thesaurus announces:
W tym roku spotykamy się w dniach 13-17ty września w Luton pod Londynem. Mamy do dyspozycji część pól na których organizowaliśmy ostatnie spotkanie oraz ponad 200 akrów zupełnie nowych i niezbadanych terenów. Nie muszę Wam chyba mówic jak ciekawa i fantonośna jest to okolica
That is: 
This year, we are meeting on the 13th to 17th September in Luton, near London. We have at our disposal some of the fields in which we organized our last meeting and more than 200 acres of completely new and unsearched land. I do not think I have to tell you how interesting and productive the area is.

So far, 89 participants who would find it difficult getting round the laws which protect the archaeological heritage in their civilized European state back home are coming to the Wild West to dig up and take possession of the archaeological heritage of the islanders-who-do-not-care-what-you-do-with-it. They are exploiting the ignorance and apathy of the islanders with their nineteenth century legislation. This year too will the PAS be on hand to make sure this exploitive metal detecting holiday is a success and has the air of respectability?

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