Sunday, 5 August 2012

Not Antiquities: "Curiosity" Landing Video

The video animation of the landing (or not, we will see in less than an hour) of the Martian rover Curiosity  has received two million hits on the NASA site. Quite a neat and rousing presentation - I wish these guys could be got together to do one on artefact hunting and the antiquities trade and the damage they do; Adam Steltzner's deadpan delivery would be perfect.  The geology geek in me has fingers crossed... I can't wait to 'see' that stratigraphy in Gale crater.

UPDATE 7:35 AM Polish time: They did it. Now if only they could design a car which runs so smoothly - off to the service station, and have seven minutes (hopefully not "of terror") to get there.  Probably just as well, to avoid the emotional and jingoistic ("the USA is going to lead the Solar System!") speech making.

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