Friday, 10 August 2012

A Name to Conjure With

In the light of the looting and destruction going on over in Syria, and specifically in the vicinity of that important site, it might be thought that the choice of name by EBay seller "Palmyraheritage" was a bit unfortunate. This seller says he is:
Specializing in Ancient coins, Ancient Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Byzantine & Islamic Artifacts. 3rd genaration family business. Gallery Since 1995 in NYC. Life member of the ANA 5533. Known for reasonable Prices and great Authentic Items.
Just to make things clear he's changed the name to "palmyraheritagemorriskhouligallery".

At a rather subjective judgement I'd say the range of artefacts shown in his online store is  rather variable, in my personal opinion, a potential buyer would be well advised, as always, to condition a purchase on being sure that they know exactly where some of those items came from. Interesting Sicilian coin mixed among the "fuzzies", as I call them.


Dorothy King said...

Am I being pre-coffee fuzzy or is Morris Khouli the dealer who plead guilty to smuggling recently?

Paul Barford said...

Not fuzzy,the name is indeed the same. I guess for some collectors that would mean that there is a fair chance the artefacts are real...

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