Thursday, 16 August 2012

A Lawyer Looks at Cleveland Art Museum's New Painted Pot

I remarked yesterday that the archaeobloggers had concentrated their attention on the classical marble head bought by the Cleveland Art Museum, and paid scant attention to the old pot it bought at the same time, suggesting this reflects some prejudices. Rick St Hilaire has attempted to redress the balance with his piece: 'Some History Behind the Cleveland Museum of Art's "Vessel with Battle Scene" or "Maya War Vase", 16 Aug 2012.

He links it with a group of about half a dozen closely related vessels named after The Fenton Vase   in the British Museum which was apparently found at "Nebaj, a Maya site in the highlands of Guatemala" ("from the Fenton Collection" - which one? Mr. S. G. Fenton items from whose collection were accessed by the BM in 1928?) . Nebaj is here. The other vases in the group were "collected" in the 1970s or are of unknown collecting history. Do they all come from the same ancient cemetery?

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