Saturday, 4 August 2012

"Britain's Secret Treasures" and The Increased Erosion of the Archaeological Record

Metal detectorist forums like knowing who's registering with them, and encourage new members to "introduce themselves" in their first posts. As a result members can see how many new people are joining up. So this thread, started Thu Aug 02, 2012, is of interest: WOW, so many new people appearing - I wonder why? ;). Now one might consider whether that's the reaction you'd hear in Bloomsbury. Can you see it now? ...Mike Lewis bursts into the room and shouts excitedly: "Hey Roger, have you seen how many new metal detectorists have been appearing online in the last few days? Hundreds of them!", Dr Bland looks up from counting gold coins on a tray and says simply "Wow!". Followed by "I wonder why?"...

UPDATE 5.08.12:
They've blocked the link... the link now goes (at this end at least) to : "This topic does not exist"  Still, no problem, we all know that new members are appearing on the forum, and we all know why. 

Vignette: Screwed-up Outreach

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