Friday, 31 August 2012

Dzień dobry

"Candice Jarman"  could never spell Polish right either, nawet jak pisała o Teresie Witkowskiej. That's not the only thing it would seem "she" had in common with a militant vehemently anti-archaeological tekkie "across the pond" (text links) published in Texas. Neither of them could provide any real arguments in support of their case, just the usual name-calling, ad hominem arguments, posturing and innuendo. 

UPDATE 2.09.12
I would imagine the person concerned would know what this is about. Mr Stout apparently has not worked out yet what's going on, I guess that is what happens when you get all these metal detectorists trying to cover their tracks writing under false names. As I have always said, there is obviously room here for much more transparency, and frankly discussing the issues rather than dodging them and deflecting attention by sniping and name calling. 


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