Monday, 6 August 2012

What the Other Half are Reading

Some of us might treat the magazine 'Minerva' ("international review of ancient art and archaeology') with some reserve, it is not found in many of the 'new publications' stacks of many archaeological libraries I frequent. It is however nice to know that one can now read what the other half have been reading without putting money into the pockets of its antiquity-dealing and collecting publishers by taking out a subscription, it is now available "open access". Volumes 1-20 were edited by Jerome Eisenberg, while from vol 21 (2010), it has been edited on behalf of the Mougins Museum of Classical Tat by Dr Mark Merroney. I'm not sure just how much one can actually learn about archaeology from its pages, but it does at times give little insights into the world of collecting (especially its deep desire to be seen to be participating in scholarship), which is useful for those of us struggling to understand that. 

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Dorothy King said...

Sean Kingsley editor under previous regime was good at getting friends to give him new material - and they were also good at illustrating looted material eg pp. 25 ff on Herculaneum thefts.

Plus it's good to see they've embraced open access.

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