Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Plunder Guatemala

David Gill posted up an annoying video of the "Merrin" warrior vase (what is it with these collectors and their obsession with pseudo-ethnic percussion?). I was looking for some kind of commentary on what it supposedly shows (it's obvious that they are ancient astronauts of course) and clicked on YouTube, which when the dum-de-dum dum-de-dum drumfest ended, very helpfully invited me to watch this (If you are an animal lover you might want to skip the final part of the film).

You Tube knows how to make the right connections.
"In the Guatemalan jungle [...] there is a war with the past, the archaeologists and government guards on one side, the Market and the hunger of the poor brutally colonizing a new frontier on the other. It is an unequal struggle".
Like all colonialism the antiquities market exploits the lower classes, employs their physical labour to produce a raw material from which others profit.
Oh and if you were as puzzled as me about the pictures on the vase (anybody now in any doubt how it came onto the market back in <1968?) the You Tube page gives links to a Facebook page and a blog which provide that info. .

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