Sunday, 19 August 2012

Where the "Relic Diggers" Are?

There is quite a bit of traffic on my blog involving readers referred here from a Facebook page, which obviously carries a link to my post taking issue with the comments on "American Digger Magazine" on metal detecting and archaeological resource management. An interesting pattern emerges when you plot out from the Geo-traffic map (see the sidebar) where all these people are.

I think we may presume that metal detectors are owned and used right across the USA, for coin shooting, meteorite hunting, relic hunting and so on. But it seems this pattern is showing the truth of something with which I started this blog (and at the time caused a lot of angst among hobbyists). I hold that it is a fallacy to talk of "metal detectorists" and not separate out those that use them as a tool for searching out historic artefacts (artefact hunting/ relic hunting). What we are seeing in this map is I think not so much a reflection of the distribution of "metal detectorists", but a reflection of the distribution of a single group within the milieu - relic hunters. With the exception of a few in California, the scatter of readers more or less corresponds with the areas affected by the American Civil War  (and also of course covers that of the Revolutionary War and the early colonies). It would seem that a justifiable conclusion is that users further west are not concerned with the discussions of relic hunting, because that is on the whole not what they do. 

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