Saturday, 4 August 2012

Metal Detecting Under the Microscope: Hoard Found with Dedicated Hoard Hunter Detector

Over on a metal detecting forum near you there is a geekish discussion about which brand of metal detector found the Jersey Hoard in a field where reports suggested a hoard of coins had already been found, it was just a matter of locating the rest. For this tekkies are discussing whether it was a machine with the telling name, "CScope deepseaker" or the even more revealing "White's Hoard Hunter".

Who says the people who find Treasures are not targeting likely sites to find them, and seek the reward money? Should we be paying people to target and exploit nationally important findspots like this for financial gain? Not only did the deposit not have to be dug up now, not only is the reward money going to put a huge strain on the budget of a museum wanting to purchase it, but who is going to pay for the careful conservation, archiving and detailed analysis and publication of this group of objects? What about footing the insurance bill for a museum that's going to store and display it? The real costs of this find are immense, and all because two old blokes fancied having a go at treasure hunting on an archaeological site.

UPDATE 5.08.12:
the link now goes (at this end at least) to : "The requested topic does not exist

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