Sunday, 5 August 2012

Metal Detecting Under The Microscope: Jus' Like Time Team

It seems the trend is for the PAS' "partners" to go deeper and deeper. Last week I wrote about a guy who knew not the first thing about earthworks was going to excavate what he thought could well be a burial mound. After fifteen years of outreach by the PAS in Wales, a forum member going under the name: "Roast Lamb and Mint Sauce" has also decided to have a go at destroying some archaeology.
Been detecting one of my permissions for a while now and a cluster of finds and a bit of building rubble led me to ask the Farmer and his son was there once a building or farmhouse in this particular field. Maps, tithe, local knowledge all drew a blank so I was sat at home after work the other night when the phone went. We got a mini digger do you want to put a hole in the field we were looking at. Uhhh yeah be there in five nothing else to do as it was seven in the evening. [...]
So they dug it up starting after seven in the evening, and yes indeed there had been remains of a building there below the ploughsoil. There isn't any more though. Bravo PAS partners and PAS for all that wonderful outreach in Wales about preservation. Now, if we take away "outreach" in Wales, a lot of money would be saved, and what difference to "best practice" will it actually make? Well, let us see, at 07:33:45 AM this morning this was being discussed on the "Detecting Wales" forum, when will one of the Wales PAS FLOs join the thread and comment? First thing Monday morning?

Here's the link. Watch this space, until they remove it, that is.

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