Sunday, 19 August 2012

Fossils Which a Dealer Knows ARE From Mongolia

In their motion to dismiss, fossil dealer Eric Prokopi's lawyers claim that Tyrannosaurus remains are "not rare" and that in any case their client was not appraised that the fossils he had bought came from Mongolia. That then would be a different batch from the ones this came from, one presumes: 
Rare Tyrannosaurus Rib, Cretaceous Mongolia Sold on Apr 30, 2012 for US $15.50 [2 bids]: by dinosaurfossils ( Feedback Score  2235)
This rare fossil is a rib from the theropod dinosaur Tyrannosaurus bataar. It was collected from the Late Cretaceous age Nemegt Formation in Omnogov Province, Mongolia. It measures 5.3 inches. It has two repaired breaks.
[A bit where it probably said: "the buyer will receive a copy of the Mongolian export licence if required" seems to have been deleted].

See 'Lots of Mongolian Dinosaur Bits Coming Out of Florida', Monday, 18 June 2012 for a lot more fossils sold by a Florida dealer  stated to be from the Late Cretaceous age Nemegt Formation in Omnogov Province, Mongolia", in other words in this case the dealer knows not only the country of origin, but the province within the country and the rock formation within that. So how and when did they reach the USA, and how does that differ from the means by which "Tarby" reached the seller?

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