Sunday, 19 August 2012

"Found Nowhere"

Meg Lambert gives a summary of cultural heritage news sources. I note that neither mine nor SAFE's blog are among them. Still, thankful for small mercies, neither is Peter Tompa's.  Remember all the times I linked to her blog and wrote nice things about her ideas when she was starting up?

I see also I am not mentioned as a "blog" either in the list provided by Glasgow's "Trafficking Culture" website and I've long got over it that Chasing Aphrodite and Derek ("I love the PAS") Fincham take a similar attitude. Must have been something I said.

Welcome, then, to the ALTERNATIVE cultural property collecting issues blog.

Let it be noted though that, unlike all the rest, down the sidebar of this blog, you can find links to far more alternative sources - including a whole section of those that regard preservationists like me as their opponents. At the moment you will not find anything like that on any the other preservationist blogs.

At the moment, despite all this, for what it's worth, this blog seems to be maintaining its quite satisfying Alexa traffic rank,  though quite a lot down from the last time I looked, but still getting the message out there. Let's see how the ones who apparently want you not to know about it are doing: has a global Alexa traffic rank of 4,375,735. is ranked well behind that 6,524,289 is ranked 9,065,128 has no global alexa traffic rank . has no global alexa traffic rank (dropped well behind when I last looked - good). 
 So far: "Your search for "" did not get any results".

Sadly though the PAS beats us all: " is ranked 675,804 in the world" AND is 100% child safe, it seems my blog is only 90% child safe... maybe it was the dead elephants picture or the little boy with his pet rooster. 

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