Sunday, 12 August 2012

Egypt, the Dice Roll Again: President Mursi Dismisses Army Chief Tantawi

Just a while ago I was discussing whether Zahi Hawass would be coming back, but before that could happen the political dice would have to be recast. Today at attempt was made by Egyptian President Muhammad Morsi to break the political stalemate which had developed after Mubarak's departure, in a move which marks a substantial reordering of Egypt's political forces. Taking advantage of the Sinai crisis to oust his rivals in the military, President Mursi today fired Defense Minister Hussein Tantawi and the Egyptian chief of staff Sami Anan, after cancelling the military order aiming to limit his powers. I suspect the army is not going to take this lying down, and there could be trickier times ahead for the Egyptian people, which means also the antiquities.

Yaakov Lappin, Egypt President Morsy removes military chief Tantawi Reuters August 12, 2012

Kareem Fahim, 'In Upheaval for Egypt, Morsi Dismisses His Military Chief', Associated Press August 12, 2012

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