Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Trafficking Culture Website

Trafficking Culture is a research project based at the University of Glasgow, currently funded by the European Research Council from 2012-16, which aims to produce an evidence-based picture of the contemporary global trade in looted cultural objects.

Their new website  includes links to project team members, publications, and an encyclopedia of terminology, methodology, theory and a variety of case studies from around the world. They promise it will be regularly updated.

For those who prefer shorter soundbite style 'news' they can also be followed on Twitter @CultureTraffic and on Facebook at

There are short bios of the team members here

An impressive five-page bibliography of texts written by team members to date.

and details of current projects:

Neil Brodie: Measuring the International Market in Illicit Cultural Objects

Simon Mackenzie: Understanding the International Market in Illicit Cultural Objects

Suzie Thomas: Looters: a comparative study

(who will be looking at "the degree of engagement between treasure hunting communities and heritage professionals" uh-oh, the PAS again?).

Donna Yates: Illicit Traffic in Latin American Antiquities

(where there is no PAS).

 Jessica Dietzler: Trafficking Cultural Objects: A Comparative Study of Systems of Control in Transnational Criminal Markets

Vignette: the tired old 1970 Convention needs new teeth. 


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